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Notes from our BioENox workshops

  • The objectives of this two-day workshop (June 18 and 19, 2022) were the following:

    1. Presentation of the latest design of the “Biodigester-Column PCR (Piston – flux)” as a technological alternative for the treatment of mezcal stillage, all while using renewable energies that proceed from the process residuals, in mezcal production centers.

    Dr Violeta Bravo presented previous prototypes, and the research conducted during 5 years, aimed to solve the different challenges that stillage treatment has presented. She explained how they were solved and how the last model was reached. In the session, she also introduced: a) the potential uses of methane gas produced by bacteria during the stillage treatment, and b) the treatment left-overs, which could be used as fertilizer in different type of crops.

    This prototype of “Biodigester-Column PCR + recirculation column 2 in 1” will be built in 2023 and will be presented in the last workshop, to be conducted this year.

    2. The presentation of the study related to the analysis of efficiency of the “pit stone oven” employed to cook the mezcal heads (or “pineapples”). The goal was to improve this type of oven without affecting the thermic process of pyrolysis, which is central for the homogenous cooking of mezcal heads, that is, to avoid an irregular burn or roasting.

    3. The presentation of the “principles” for an appropriate combustion, in order to attain the efficient use of gas in still ovens. New models of gas burners were introduced.

    4. Presentation of the highly efficient oven for mezcal distillation, developed by Studio Xaquixe through technology transference from its glass ovens. This study and development were reached during the 20+ years of operation of the company.